Bios of Guest Stenographers

Sophia Nahli is a Chicago based photographer and arts educator. She actively works with nonprofit art organizations for under-privileged youth in Chicago teaching photography and film. Sophia believes art is a truly effective way to educate, empower and evoke change. Her love for creating and telling stories is what drives and motivates her to continually grow, learn and inspire. Check out more of her work..

Chelsea Schoen, is from Philadelphia, studies in Washington DC, and is currently abroad in Buenos Aires. She is double majoring in Spanish and Religious Studies, but is a passionate and avid amateur photographer. Her loves of culture and photography intersect perfectly as she uses art to capture the diverse world around her. Check out her portfolio.

John A. Guidry, New Orleans native, Great Lakes refugee, and Brooklyn dad. John is keeper of “Truth and Rocket Science,” a blog that looks at life, culture, and current events from the vantage point of principled uncertainty. A writer, consultant, and community organizer, John is currently trades words as an HIV Prevention Researcher with Gay Men’s Health Crisis. John’s website:

Patrick Ainslie

Alma Davila-Toro

Carla Fernandez

Carl Jones-Schropshire

Felix Lopez

Molly Raynor